Organic collagen fibers for friction and sealing applkication

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Collagen fiber is the main component of animal skin. It is a natural animal fiber. It exists in the form of matrix fiber with good structure and has biocompatibility and biodegradability unmatched by other synthetic polymer materials. Collagen fiber, a new type of organic fiber, has a excellent dispersion and strong ability to absorb other fibers and fillers. What’s more, it has the characteristics of sound absorption, micro-elasticity, wear resistance, and flexibility.

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Friction materials

The performance of friction materials depends on the synergy between all raw materials. Collagen fibers contribute to the mechanical and tribological performance of brakes. Increasing comfort by reducing noise (NVH). Improving durability and decreasing fine dust emissions by decreasing wear. Enhancing safety by stabilising friction level.

Sealing materials

It is without doubt that brake systems are among the most important safety components in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They must be able to stop under any circumstance. For this reason, it is crucial to have a friction material which can function under extreme conditions. For many years collagen fibres have been used in automotive friction materials (disc pads and linings) to improve comfort, safety and durability. Brake linings made from our fiber products have many notable features such as braking stably, high temperature properties, little abrasion, low (no)noise and long life. They are very popular in friction materials manufacturers. Collagen fibres can also be used for brake shoes and clutches.

Road construction

With increasing concerns about comfort and noise, the global rail industry is shifting from cast iron blocks to composite friction materials. Collagen fibres are widely used in these composites to enable friction materials (rail blocks and pads) to perform under extreme braking conditions.

Coating materials

Industrial equipment, such as windmills and elevators are equipped with various braking systems for safe operation. Our collagen fibre sare used in industrial friction materials to increase efficiency, reduce cost of ownership and minimize downtime

Insulation materials


Environmental friendly, good biocompatibility, biodegradable, safe for people and the environment.
Good stability and adaptability, it can still play an excellent role in low PH conditions.
With low antigenicity and low irritation, it can effectively wrap and bind small fillers and improve the working environment.
It has excellent dispersibility, excellent toughness and impact resistance, good temperature resistance and wear resistance, and it reduces braking noise.
Good combination and bonding, it forms a strong fiber matrix structure with filler and binder, which can improve product structure and quality, to enhance toughness and cutting peoperty.


We offer various packing options:

● Small Packing: Eco-friendly paper bag and oisture-proof composite bag (25kg/bag, 20kg/bag, 15kg/bag, 10kg/bag)

● Big packing: Ton bag(28bag/ton bag, 24bag/ton bag et) and Pallets(40bag/pallet)

● For client special needs, we accept customized packing.

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