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Jiangxi Hebang Fiber Co., Ltd.


Who We Are

Jiangxi Hebang Fiber Co., Ltd. is a professional reinforced fiber material technology enterprise integrating manufacturing, sales, research and development, and service. It is committed to providing friction&sealing application solutions for global users. After more than three decades of continuous development and innovation, it has become China's leading manufacturer of reinforcement fibers. In the field of friction and sealing, it has established our leading technology and product advantages.

In the global industry, we identify trends and challenges to drive the development of future products. Leveraging our expertise with reinforcement fiber knowledge, we design solutions that positively impact friction braking performance. By developing and sharing our own knowledge and expertise, we are committed to contributing to solving our clients' challenges.

What Do We Do

Relying on the professional advantages of more than 30 years of experience in reinforced fibers and related materials, Hebang Fiber has independently developed a series of products such as mineral fibers, reinforced fibers, reinforced composite fibers, ceramic fibers, glass fibers, and organic fibers. Our products are suitable for friction, sealing, road engineering, coatings, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, rubber and plastics and other industries.

Based on the corporate tenet of integrity, cooperation and development, Hebang Fiber takes industry breakthroughs as the leading development strategy, continuously strengthens technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation as the core of the innovation system, and strives to become the building blocks for the development and growth of users.

Basalt Fibers

Basalt Fibers

Ceramic Fibers

Ceramic Fibers

Collagen Fibers

Collagen Fibers

Composite Reinfored Fibers

Composite Reinfored Fibers

Mineral Fibers

Mineral Fibers

Reinfored Fibers

Reinfored Fibers

Our Culture

Since its establishment in 1991, Hebang Fiber has become a leading manufacturer of reinforced fiber technology in China, and has a stable customer base at home and abroad. Today's achievements are closely related to our company's corporate culture: focus on customer needs and stable raw materials, take technology as the core, we are committed to creating a new industry model: strong alliances, complementary advantages, win-win results, to accelerate the process of business formats. We wholeheartedly provide customers with stable and cost-effective products and services.

Product Advantages

Environmental Protection

Safe for people and the environment, fully passed the radioactivity test, and does not contain asbestos.


Through 30 years of professional sourcing advantages to ensure product quality stability from the source.

Low Shot Content

Our products have undergone more than three slag removal processes to effectively separate the slag balls and fibers.

Unique Surface Treatment

By improve the surface activity of fibers to optimize the application of fibers, such as excellent dispersion and bonding performance with resin and latex.

Dust Suppression

By inhibiting the fine dust in the mixture to improve the working environment and reducing the irritation to the skin.

Why Choose Us

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Focus on the R&D, production and sales of non-asbestos man-made mineral fibers for 30 years, work closely with scientific research units of the High Academy and upstream and downstream factories to strengthen the stable development of fiber applications, and to explore and study the application of modifiers and the interface mechanism.

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Modern production chain

Independent R&D of unique production process lines, with 4 production bases to match customers according to needs, and delivery on time.

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Quality assurance

All products have passed SGS testing, asbestos-free testing, and  ISO quality system to ensure product safe and consistency.

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Provide users with cost-effective products and friction&sealing application solutions.