HB31ZL inorganic silicate fibers reinforcing fiber mineral rockwool fiber for break materials

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Reinforcing mineral fiber HB31ZL is made of premium basalt, diabase and dolomite by blowing or centrifugation at high temperature. It is yellow-green. After fixing length and shot removal, we will put some modifier and mica. After surface-treated with modifier, the fibre can inhibit the fine dust in the air to reduce the irritation of the dust to the skin and improve the working environment. Mica can increase fibre soft and reduce its shot content.

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SiO2+Al2O3 (wt%)


CaO+MgO (wt%)


Fe2O3 (wt%)


Others(max; wt%)


Ignition loss (800±10℃,2H; wt%)






Melting Point


Fibre diameter numerical average(μm)


Fibre length weighted average(μm)


Shot content (>125μm)


Specific density(g/cm3)


Moisture Content(105 ℃±1℃,2H; wt%)


Surface Treatment Content(550±10℃,1H; wt%)



Asbestos Detection


RoHS Directive(EU)


Safety Date Sheet(SDS)




Friction materials

It is without doubt that brake systems are among the most important safety components in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They must be able to stop under any circumstance. For this reason, it is crucial to have a friction material which can function under extreme conditions. For many years our comosite mineral fibres have been used in automotive friction materials (disc pads and linings) to improve comfort, safety and durability.

Sealing materials

With an increased focus on comfort and noise, the railway industry globally is moving from cast iron blocks to composite friction materials. Our mineral fibres are used widely in these composites, which allow the friction material (railway blocks and pads) to perform under extreme braking conditions.

Road construction

Industrial equipment, such as windmills and elevators, are equipped with various brake systems for safe operation. Our mineral fibres are used in industrial friction materials to increase efficiency, lower the cost of ownership and minimize downtime.

Coating materials

Insulation materials

Our reinforced mineral fibers are applied for industrial structural reinforcements such as friction, sealing, road engineering, coatings, insulation and etc.


● Non asbestos
Reinforcing fibers have passed asbestos free testing, safe and friendly.

● Low shot content
In our production process, we put HB31ZL into slag removal equipment for four times shot removal. So its shot content can be reduced lower to 2%, which will bring about brake materials with excellent wear resistent and noise resistent.

● Excellent dispersion
Compatible to different binder systems.
We are able to put a variety of surface treatments on the fibres. This can be an adhesion promotor, surfactant, or even a rubber layer. With the different surface modifiers, we can engineer the fibres for a range of binder systems and applications.

● Dust suppression
After the fiber is surface-treated, it can reduce the irritation of the dust to the skin bu inhibiting the fine dust in the air to improve the working environment.

● Good stability
Our composite fibers stablity shows as below
1) Composite mineral fibers are manufactured with pure rock with stable chemistry, which makes it adapted perfectly with other substances.
2) We keep cool when things get hot. Composite fibers can withstand high temperatures up to 1500℃.It is nonflammable and doesn’t produce significant toxic smoke.
Corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and wear resistance.
Note: We can customize fiber according to clients special needs.

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