Reinforcing Fiber HBXQ02

Short Description:

Free of asbestos, safe for people and environment.

Good stablity, low shot content and high temperature resistance.

Good hydrophilicity: Well separated in aqueous solution and show dispersive suspension state.

Strong binding: can be well combined with other materials, so that the products have a higher tensile strength.

Product Detail

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Items Parameter
Chemical Composition SiO2+Al2O3 45~60
CaO+MgO 35~46
Fe2O3 <3
Others(max) ≤6
L.O.l (800±10 ℃,2H) <1
Physical Properties Color off-white
Long-term Using Temperature 600℃
Average Diameter (μm) 6
Average Length (μm) 300±100
Shot content (>125μm) <1
Apparent density (g/cm3) 2.9
Moisture Content(105 ℃±1℃,2H) ≤2

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