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Hebang rockwool is mainly made from quality nature rocks like basalt and dolomite,etc.The rocks are melted in cupolas at over 1400℃. The molten lava is fiberized by internationally advanced high-speed four-roll centrifuges, meanwhile, certain quantity of binder,dust laying oil,moisture repellent is sprayed and after that it will be collected by a wool collector,bobbed and solidified,cutting into different products for different purpose. At the same time, it can be processed to be sew felt, a tube sleeve  and veneering product,etc.

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Product performance



GB/T11835-2016 Superior Standard

Shot Content(≧0.25mm)



Average Diameter of Fiber



Thermal Conductivity

(average temperature25±5℃)



Limit tolerance of density Absorption


● 1. Superior Weather Resistance
The superior weather proof resistance of the rockwool board is due to the high acidity coefficient,which ensures the products can revolt against kinds of cyclic weather,keep the stability of the construction system and can stay as long as the architecture.

● 2. Obvious Sound Absorption and Noise Lowering
There is a large amount of thin and long fibers inside the rockwool, forming a linked multi hole structure with high porosity, which makes rock wool products sound-absorbing and noise reducing efficiently.

● 3. Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
As a perfect fire-proofing and insulation material, rockwool can greatly improve energy usage ratio and satisfy the building energy consumption.

● 4. Convenient Operation
The product is easy to be cut and brings the convenience during the operation.

● 5. Superior Heat Insulation and Preservation Performance
Outstanding fiber suppleness low shot content.

● 6. Excellent Fireproofing Performance
Superior raw material produced with high-temperature process ensures the fireproofing property of the product. Products will not give off any burning droplet or toxic gas.

● 7. Superior Water Repellent Performance
The product has high water repellent, low hygroscopicity rate of per kilogram, low short-term water absorption and excellent dehumidification performance.

● 8. High Figure Stability
3D production method ensures product's excellent performance of high compressive and tensile strength.


Hebang rockwool can be made into felt,strip,pipe,granular and other shapes according to different applications.

Building application

Products can be used in construction field including thermal insulation of exterior walls, roof and curtain wall, strip for fire-barrier belt,color steel sandwich board.

Industrial application

Industrial application includes the thermal insulation of large kiln electric power station, and a chemical plants, nuclear power station and chemical plant.

Marine application

Marine application includes the thermal insulation and soundproofing for a ship cabins,ship sanitary unit, crew lounges and engine room.

Agriculture application

Agriculture application includes industrialized soilless culture for flowers, plants, melons, vegetables and fruits.


For convenient construction,transportation,storage and identification, Hebang rockwool products are packed by PE shrink film,and need to avoid moisture and rain during transportation and storage and avoid damage of their film. Store the products in dry and well ventilation indoor places or cover them by waterproof cloth.

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